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A youth development organization that is dedicated to serving Transition Age Youth, ages 16-25. Our primary mission is to provide a caring and multi-cultural approach to services that will help young adults become self-sufficient and lead prosperous lives. The Inglewood Chapter built a Reading Corner to provide a safe reading space to increase the literacy and reading proficiency of children and families that utilize services from our partner organization, Sanctuary of Hope such as Sanctuary’s iParent Program. The iParent program provides supportive services to families experiencing homelessness who desire to build resiliency and prepare for their educational success.
Sanctuary of Hope
Los Angeles, CA
Baltimore Youth Alliance was established in 1994 to improve the academic and professional performance of disadvantaged African American students in Baltimore City and surrounding counties. Mission: is to motivate African American students to provide academic testing strategies for college readiness. The driving force behind this organization was the recognition that there was approx. 80% of African American students in Baltimore City who will graduate high school and won’t be eligible to enter a four-year college or university.
Baltimore Youth Alliance
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Youth Alliance
Science, Engineering and Mathematics Link, Inc. (SEM Link) features student achievement and career exploration in math and science. Mission: is to promote student achievement and career exploration in math and science while increasing student exposure to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) communities. Our two core programs, Experimental Design Program and Math and Science Career Academy, enhance the STEM educational experience for K-12 students by providing them with opportunities to engage in hands-on STEM activities, explore STEM careers and learn about real-world applications of STEM.
Atlanta, GA
Common Table Health Alliance (CTHA) is a community-based, non-profit, regional health and healthcare improvement collaborative serving Memphis, Shelby County, and the MidSouth region. Mission is to achieve health equity through trusted collaborations, partnerships, and direct services.
54321 Common Table
Memphis, TN
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