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The National Community Investment Grant is directly aligned with the Jack and Jill Foundation’s focus on Impact Investing. This grant gives us the opportunity to invest $85,000 in 2016 to independent non-profits in communities across America. As the philanthropic arm of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., the Foundation is thrilled to take the lead of investing in programs and services that create a strong foundation for African American children and families to thrive long-term. Our new commitment to Impact Philanthropy offers chapters the opportunity to meet the ever-changing needs of individual communities with the goal of transforming African American communities, one child at a time.


African American Families, Education, Health & Wellness

Narrowing the focus to the high impact areas listed below will further build community partnerships while leveraging Foundation investments to improve the lives of African America children.

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Impact Areas

African American Families


Health and Wellness

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Impact Philanthropic Focus Areas Grant Investment Areas
African American Families Supporting families with parent education and supports including parenting classes, financial literacy and workforce development
Health and Wellness Access to healthcare with programs and services including building awareness, preventative health care, early diagnosis and obesity prevention programs
Education Investing in early childhood education and experiences through early literacy, quality early childhood experiences of developmental milestones
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Chapter Registration — How to Register?

Fill out the registration form and hit submit.

What happens after I submit my registration form?

After you submit your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email outlining details and next steps.

Have a few questions. Who should I contact?

Contact Pier Blake. Please put the following in the subject line: [National Community Investment Grant].

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Download a PDF with details about the National Community Investment Grant

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